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If you find the process of jewelry shopping to be overwhelming and time-consuming, you may benefit from utilizing the services of a private jeweler. My objective is to simplify the search for the perfect piece of jewelry or loose stone, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort. I have established a partnership with the esteemed local jeweler, Berkshire Diamonds and Design. Located in Surprise, AZ

With a focus on providing a seamless jewelry shopping experience, Eye for Gems is committed to assisting clients in selecting exquisite pieces. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, I have cultivated relationships with top wholesale companies and specialize in diamond, gemstone, and gold jewelry. Upon finding a piece that resonates with you, I can arrange for customization or guide you through a personalized consultation at the jewelry store.

Our Jewelry Collection features stunning settings sourced from a leading “Made in the USA” casting company, ensuring the highest quality for our clientele. Additionally, we offer CAD mountings for custom orders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email for a personalized quote.

We have a wide selection of loose stones available from our family parent company, offering you the opportunity to select the perfect stone without the added retail markups. Our inventory includes both mined diamonds and lab-grown options. If you choose, we can arrange for the stone to be delivered to Berkshire Diamonds and Design, located in Surprise AZ.

In addition to loose stones, we can assist you in finding the ideal gold jewelry piece to match your preferences. With established connections to manufacturers, we can source a variety of necklaces, chains, and bracelets, including Miami Cuban, Anchor, Wheat, Cable, Box, and specialty chains and bracelets. Berkshire Diamonds and Design boasts a diverse selection in-store.

Rest assured that you will receive high-quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing on all our jewelry offerings. Our expertise in loose stones, diamonds, gemstone jewelry, and gold jewelry allows us to streamline the shopping process, catering to your budget and individual preferences without any sales pressure.

Our decision to transition into a personal jewelry consulting service stems from our reputation for jeweler expertise and customer dedication through our family-owned business, DiamondWave.com. By prioritizing personalized service over online retail competition, we aim to provide you with exceptional service and high-quality products at the best value. Feel free to review our ratings on Eye for Gems and Berkshire Diamonds and Design to learn more about our customer satisfaction.



“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” 

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samuel b artisan jewelry

Samuel B. Samuel Behnam is an award-winning New York-based jewelry designer and founder of the Samuel B. Collection. Inspired by the immeasurable beauty of nature and the ancient traditions of Balinese and Thai jewelry craftsmanship, Samuel B. has made designing stunning jewelry his life’s work. Follow the link and you can order directly from Samuel B.

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All of our jewelry takes 6-10 business days based on the product. Some styles or changes may take longer. You as a consumer cannot purchase directly from our site, but this gives you an approximate cost and we work with you on the details. You can also find on the Berkshire Diamonds and Design site a wide selection of jewelry that is available to you.


We carry the highest quality gold chains and bracelets. With a mix of Italian and USA made products. We specialize in offering a complete section of top trending chains without forgetting the classics. Available in 14k White, Yellow and Rose Gold 18k is available upon request. Visit Berkshire Diamonds and Design if you see any items in our gold collection that your interested in.