Loose Stones

Looking for a loose stone? We are happy to help you. We take out the middleman when going directly to the source. Eye for Gems is happy to help you with any of your diamond and gemstone needs. Our consultant has over 30 years of experience and has been an expert in loose stones.

Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are mined from within the earth in locations around the world. When a diamond is mined, it is called a rough. It goes through a mapping and cutting process in order to craft the best shape from the rough. Rough diamonds are cut expertly by machines to ensure that the best color, sparkle, and facets shine through. Once this is done, they are polished to perfection and are ready to be used to craft jewelry. Loose diamonds are sold by both wholesalers and retailers around the world. Loose diamonds are available in all different carat weights and qualities. So, when shopping for a diamond, it is possible to find a loose diamond for every budget and preference. Loose diamonds can be found in the classic white color as well as fancy colors like white, pink, yellow, and even rare and valuable colors like blue and red. Loose diamonds are often purchased to set in custom jewelry, engagement rings, or even for investment purposes.

Choosing to buy loose diamonds can be a big decision and investment, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a consultant who is an expert in the field to ask questions. If you feel you don’t have a grasp on understanding the 4 C’s, or you’d like to get a second opinion on which cut or style to go to get the best diamond within your budget.

Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Laboratory-grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, optical and physical properties and crystal structure as natural diamonds. Like natural diamonds, they are made of tightly-bonded carbon atoms. They respond to light in the same way and are just as hard as natural diamonds. The main differences between laboratory-grown and natural diamonds lie in their origin. Think of it this way: laboratory-grown diamonds are like ice from your refrigerator, while natural diamonds are like ice from a glacier. They are both ice, although their formation stories and the age of each are very different.

Overall, buying a loose diamond can be a rewarding and memorable experience, no matter the occasion.

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